Ahmedabad – A cultural basket.

Travelling is the best form of learning there is. There are so many beautiful things in the world that have been discovered, evolved or organically built which man is gradually being introduced to. When you visit a place, there are countless number of aspects you try to consume, apart from just the physicality. You find yourself getting curious about the factors of that place you feel an instant connection with.

In this particular travelogue, I am going to elaborate about my study trip to the city of ‘Ahmedabad’.

Similar to most of my travel stories, this one began with anxiety taking over every other emotion as well. Anxiety and excitement went hand in hand, the latter being two steps ahead of the former. Almost twelve hours on the road, that thought was bumming me out at first, but as it is rightly said, friends and good music make everything better.
After reaching the city, we sure were physically exhausted, but the energy of exploring a new city was unmatchable. There were so many questions to be asked, and so many answers to be found.

The city of Ahmedabad is like a huge basket of culture with limitless new discoveries and countless revelations. Every aspect of the city, may it be the streets, the people, the food, the heritage, the culture, the history, was interconnected as if ne was giving rise to another. The food, for instance, was something that gave life to the streets, apart from the people. While taking a stroll along the streets of Ahmedabad, there was a food outlet at every short interval. I heard about how the people talked about the mouth-watering food items of Ahmedabad, but I always thought they were exaggerating a bit too much. But after actually encountering it myself, I realised how the hype was real. I now belonged to the club that romanticized about the food of that town as well.

Talking about the architecture of Ahmedabad and the littlest details and intricacy found there, were seldom found anywhere else. Whenever we visited the structures, nature was present on all sides, welcoming us with its beauty, and warming us with its presence. He way every structure unfolded itself, taking nature’s help, was magical. The ornamentation stood out because no walls, no pillars and no stones were left uncarved. Entering the structures was like entering stories, which in turn had its own tales to tell. The carvings generated so many emotions inside me. The light falling on the intricate work was making it even more charismatic. My personal sensitivity towards architecture, art and heritage reached a whole new level altogether.

The people of Ahmedabad were equally a part of the culture as well. Even though I did not now anyone there, the people were so helpful and kind, as if I was one of them, or we already knew each other. No matter what their age, no matter what they did, no matter where they came from, everyone welcomed us with bright smiles are warm hearts. There existed no superiority nor inferiority of any kind.
Every person had their story to tell, and an amazing experience to share. On the last day when I realised that the beautiful journey was coming to an end, my eyes were damp. I was not returning as the same person, the people had taught me kindness and the heritage had planted a sense of compassion in my heart.

My ears had heard so many stories from the people of Ahmedabad, but this wonderful experience, this, was my story to tell, and these irreplaceable emotions, were mine to feel.


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