Becoming the Trendmakers

I got to hear Priyansha Jain once in high school. She was a 23-year-old entrepreneur had her own company with a turnover of over 30 lakhs.

Priyansha was preparing for her C.A. exam in Jabalpur, M.P. She casually took a stroll through a local market and bought a handbag. Once she got home, she randomly got the idea to sell the handbag.  She put up an advertisement on her instagram story for the bag. She quickly got a reply and was able to make a deal. She parcelled the handbag and got the first profit of her life. She said it was the most satisfying feeling she ever got. In that moment she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

 Next, she created an instagram account with the name Trendmakers and moved to five handbags. The number of handbags kept increasing and with every order the number of followers increased and the Trendmakers came closer to becoming a brand. Once, the Trendmakers was earning steady and substantial profits monthly, it was time to take the next step. Priyansha was ready to step into manufacturing in a few months. She contacted a manufacturer in Mumbai and asked him if he could manufacture a purse she had designed. Once she received the sample and was sure of the quality and the craftsmanship, she was reminded of India’s rich handicraft industry. Priyansha took a leap of faith by placing an order with a manufacturer she had never seen or met and had only talked with on the phone. This was the beginning of a new era and a successful one. The Trendmakers was now transformed from a retail handbag store to a handbag brand. It had great quality products, goodwill earned over months of hardwork and most importantly, a passionate entrepreneur. It soon became a popular brand and a very profitable business.

 However, it was not a cakewalk. Priyansha dealt with her share of hardships. She learned the golden lesson for entrepreneurs “ You have to care for your business like its your baby”. There is no silver lining to some people. They will cheat you, take your money or even go M.I.A. without a even a hint of guilt or regret. And you will come across many such people. But the trickier part was the actual work. During the first year of rapid growth of the company Priyansha was doing the work of upto 4 employees herself. She did not have an office or a business. She was the operations, marketing and sales manager all in one. During the first year she sometimes had to go 2-3 days without sleeping when the orders piled up. However, the passion helped her not just carry on but also changed. Earlier she cared less and would accept  that some customers can not be satisfied but now she was ready to change not two but six bags just to make her customers happy.

However, the Trendmakers was not going to be the only success story in Priyansha’s life. In 2017, she participated and won MTV Dropout. A T.V. reality show looking for new entrepreneurial talent. While she was competing against C.A.s and M.B.A.s from prestigious colleges, Priyansha always had an edge over them as she had experience and practical knowledge about the industry worked. Finally, she won the competition and bagged another company as the prize. Priyansha Jain is now an entrepreneur with two companies at the age of 23.

Priyansha is solely responsible for the birth, growth and existence of the Trendmakers. But the Trendmakers gave birth to the entrepreneur in Priyansha Jain.

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