Bill gates – a known model

William henry bill gates was born on 28 of october,1955 in Seatlle,Washington to be the richest man in the world one day and a famous business model.His father William gates was a Lawyer and mother Mary maxwell was teacher.She upbrought her elder daughter Kristianne, son Bill and younger daughter Libby brilliantly with also devoting her time to charity and corporate boards and volunteering.

Bill was a curious student from the starting.He used to read encyclopaedia.At the age of 12 when he used to remained bore and lonely his parents put him in Lakeside school,Seatlle.He proved out to be am excellent student in not only maths,science but also in drama and english.He wrote a tic-tac-toe programme in BASIC computer language in school time.He scored 1590 out of 1600 in SAT exam.After getting enrolled at harward university he did not keep studying all the time but get few hours sleep ,cram for test and just got passing marks.

At school,he met Paul allen who was 2year senior to him and became fast friends.Allen was reserved while Bill was fiesty.Inspite of the differences the common thing was their interst in computers.In 1970 Bill and paul traf-o-data computer programme that monitor traffic patterns and got $20 000.After that paul went to state washington university and Bill went to harward but stayed in touch.

After 2 years Allen dropped college and went to boston to work for Honeyweood.He showed STATE ELECTRONICS magazine article on Altair 8800 mini computer kit to bill and they were fascinated by opportunities it can create.They asked to President Robert of he needed a software to run that.They took 2 months at harward lab and it ran perfectly.After that Bill too left the college and they founded Microsoft in 1975.Bill became the head of comapny while Allen was executive vice president.Allen resigned in 1983 when stuck with Hidgkin disease.The company exploded growth between 1979-81 when staff increased from 25-128 and net worth from $2.5 -$16 million.

In 1987, 32 years Bill met 23 years manager Melinda and both got married on 1st of January ,1994 in Hawaii.He took a break after the death of his mother in 1995.In 1996 they bore daughter Jennifer ,son Rory in 1999 and second daughter phoebe in 2002.In In 90s Microsoft faced some justice department investigations related to allegations that microsoft made unfiar deals with computer manufacturer forcing them to sell microsoft internet explorer leading to division into operating system and software developer.But somehow found settlement to avoid this breakup.

Bill gates was awarded many times.Rewarded as knight commander of order of british empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005.Awarded by president Barack obama for philanthropic work.Also got award for his work in philanthropy in 2006 by mexican government.

Bill had now stepped out of chairman’s duty to devote his time to charitable work .He is worlds largest software developer and busines man too.

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