Career from Internships?

What was the first thought that came to your mind while going through the title?
Unfathomable? Impossible?
How can interns ever be good enough to join a big organization or be in a powerful position?

Just look at the inspiring story of Mark Reuss, who joined General Motors in 1983 as an intern, rose through the ranks and one day, was named president of the automaker!
No wonder interning at various small to big companies can give you varied multitudes of learning and experience, strong enough to pitch for yourself in your dream organization.
So, how will interning benefit you?

Look out for following powerful benefits of interning in your career path-

  1. LEARNING – These days many organizations can offer you a large domain of learning expertise virtually i.e. you can learn from your laptop! Saves time and gives you an expanded zone to learn and understand things at your own pace.
  2. MARKET EXPOSURE – If you get yourself enrolled at different start-ups or other companies for in-office internships, you can get immense market exposure. Corporate behavioral skills and other office etiquette can be grasped at such opportunities.
  3. EXPERIENCE – Reach out for immense experience via internships. Don’t go for titles or stipend, focus on your knowledge instead. Work on yourself all that while. Look up to the seniors in your interning office and learn from them, gain crucial experience.
  4. BUILDING NETWORK – Use your internship opportunities to build corporate relationships. Be involved in LinkedIn and look out for your coworkers there. Expand your network. It is very beneficial in the long run.
  5. GRAB OPPORTUNITIES – Use every single opportunity in your internship to take up responsibilities, give meaningful outputs and respect deadlines. Have a mindset for growth while working and nothing will ever stop you from success.

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