The first thing to understand and come to terms while building a new brand, is to be patient. It won’t catch on overnight. A lot of work needs to go in relentlessly and systematically.

  • Lay down the objectives first. The short term and long term goals need to be crystal clear.
  • The second thing to do is to stick to the objectives and not deviate. It is very easy to meander and steer away from your brand’s identity, so care should be taken.

On the official website, resources need to be invested in designers and content writers to give the company a classy, unique and attractive look. Visuals are the first sensors that attract the audience. The second thing is to keep generating quality content. Once the audience notice the website, it is imperative to hold their attention and this can be done by creating content that is relevant, specific and timely.

The Content writers can write individuals blogs or even venture into a themed series. The latter will lead to loyalty amidst the audience. In this digital era, people follow websites and blogs as religiously as people used to follow the radio and newspaper back in the 90s. Digital marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is vital. Website traffic should be the most basic goal of the organisation.

Content generated can’t just be generic and monotonous. It needs to have innovative ideas that make the audience think, even after they are done reading the article.

Here are a few innovative things to specifically work on:
1. Introducing various new products into the market like replacing plastic straws and toothbrushes with bamboo, and other eco-friendly options, is a flourishing trend these days.

2. Writing case studies about specific pollution related mishaps in the recent times and how it affects, humans, flora and fauna alike.

3. Posting catchy memes and environment related puns on various social media platforms on a regular basis.

4. Weekly cartoon strip on pollution, environment, and comical, dark humour representations.

5. Recognising various National and International Holidays and writing content interrelated to the particular holiday and the company’s objectives.

6. Generation of quality content alone isn’t important. It needs to reach an audience and make an impact. Posting on a daily basis and also taking into consideration time of posting, SEO, frequent audience analysis and utilizing brand building techniques will definitely put you on the map.

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