“Engineering” means a world of technical knowledge which has continuous research and day and night study. Now a days, with almost half of the country choosing engineering for an engineering degree, it has become too competitive that everyone are too busy craving for better grades, careers and salary packages. But apart from these, many engineers tell that the days of their college were the best moments of their lives and the friends that they make there become so close for the rest of their lives.

We think and dream lots of things about our engineering college that we are about to enter during the summer break after the +1, +2 boards. But when we arrive at our engineering college, it is not at all like how we think of like in movies or cute college dramas. Generally, engineering college makes us think that it is free of rules, timings, bunking classes, friends and happiness all the time. But, it is actually totally beyond these enjoyments.

The main pain during these days is fear of failure. Even when we have never dreamt of actually failing in a subject, this nightmare becomes true in engineering . If once we get a backlog this haunts us for the rest years putting a pressure. Actually, we soon become used to backlogs and supplies that we cut our vacations to clear these. And actually, we will be happy about meeting our friends at the examination center.

In engineering, assignment is a combined effort and that does not mean that everyone will put their whole and sole into it. If one person in a class works out on it, it is his/her responsibility to share it with the whole class for their own good. And we just copy that thing and submit.Passing time by just listening to the class or actually just wondering into the space we generally don’t write our notes. This effects us during the end of the semester making us to chase behind the professors for better study material.

Weekends are like, if Sunday is a government holiday then for engineering students Friday and Saturday are also considered as holidays as if we are already software employees in MNC’s. Bunking on these days and dating with friends for a movie or lunch or going on rides etc are the most guffawing moments. Once days pass, wee will slowly get sick of attending the college and the same classes. By then, as we will become already close friends we will stop attending classes in groups which leads to the shortage of attendance. After being an engineering student for a while, sleeping at the right time becomes almost a fantasy. As days pass by, our also learns to function with just 4-5 hours sleep.

Of everything that happens, life as an engineering student is not really an easy task in India. Having so many distractions and deviations that come along with studying with many students from various parts of the country and with each different mindset is totally confusing,irritating and a real mess.

But of all hurdles and hardships we will still love our engineering days. When we remember the past, even the worst moments of our lives during these days happen to be the most sweetest memories and give us a true happy wave on the face.

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