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Know Your Surrounding

Android (Advance)

An App using google maps API to explore the surrounding.

Personal chef

Android (Advance)

Uber for the house-maids using java in Android Studio


Android (Advance)

Clone of Instagram using Java in Android Studio.

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Detecting Fake News with Python

Advanced Machine Learning

A type of yellow journalism, fake news encapsulates pieces of news that may be hoaxes and is generally spread through social media and other online media. By practicing this advanced python project of detecting fake news, you will easily make a difference between real and fake news.

Colour Detection using Pandas & OpenCV

Advanced Machine Learning

We will be working with colors and you will get to learn about many concepts throughout this project. In this color detection Python project, we are going to build an application through which you can automatically get the name of the color by clicking on them.

Driver Drowsiness Detection System with OpenCV & Keras

Advanced Machine Learning

With this Python project, we will be making a drowsiness detecting device. A countless number of people drive on the highway day and night. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers and people traveling long-distance suffer from lack of sleep. Due to which it becomes very dangerous to drive when feeling sleepy.

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