Importance of Internships

Why is that only a few out of many are recruited? What is it that got them recruited? Is it just education? Of course not. A student might graduate from a top university with a great score but still does not manage to get a great job. This illustrates the very fact that education alone does not yield us what we have been expecting to accomplish for a long time. Recruiters look forward to the skills you have acquired not just theoretically but also with experience. With experience comes a lot of learning, that adds on to the skills and behaviours you have imbibed during the course of action which will not only benefit you as an employee but also the company that’s recruiting you. It’s a two-way beneficiary. With education and no experience, you are termed inexperienced. And what is it that bridges the gap between Education and Experience? An Internship. An internship is to be considered as important as the degree the student has been pursuing. An internship does not only hire you as an intern but also gets you hired in the company, in the long run, considering your contribution and progress.

Internships are offered in different ways: paid, unpaid along with volunteering jobs. Recruiters love to see volunteer jobs of the candidate on his/her ​resume. Volunteering demonstrates commitment and certain qualities of people that are inbred, which differentiates them from the others significantly. Recruiters search for representatives who engage themselves publicly and work for a noble cause by taking part in community service. Why is it so important? Well, how much can you manage to learn in a four-walled classroom? Not as much as you would in the real world out there. It’s a world full of complexity, competition and hard work that strives for progress and development, and in regard to the business climate, you see yourself walking, trotting, running, sinking, or floating in the economic cycle. While pursuing something as practical as an internship, you see yourself emerging as a more self-reliant, self-confident and a hardworking person. Deadlines and stack of work teach you the very essence of time management. College indeed teaches you to be self-sufficient and independent while internship teaches you to use those qualities in the real world and also imparts such knowledge into you that you can use for the betterment of same qualities and skills.

An internship gives you more than just a glimpse of the real business world out there. You learn how it is to work with people, get things done in a group so that the predetermined organisational objectives can be achieved. Just like college, it’s a diversified world and that diversity teaches you more than just respecting each other values, beliefs and attitude. During the course of your internship, when you fail, it’s not just you who has failed, but it’s your entire crew and your company. It is perhaps a huge responsibility. Every step from each individual has a chain reaction which disrupts/positively influences the other activities of the organisation. Unpaid internships aren’t any less than the paid ones. Money shouldn’t be the only motto of an intern. It’s about what you have gained at the end of the day which shall for sure gain you something big in the long-run. Procrastination, a quality that college taught us. Most of the college students do not really start with their assignments until the day before the due date for submission. Internships, motivate you to procrastinate less and work more. Group assignments in college yields you a grade somehow even with zero contribution because you have got your friends and they have got your back, but that’s not the case in the real world out there. Your contribution is what that matters and it’s not the marks your losing in here but it’s solely your reputation. No one’s got your back. You fall, it’s you who ought to get up and get going, and the way you’re going to do do is something that you’ve got to decide on. You get out of the predicaments in your own way. It’s like you’re the hero with no arms initially, and eventually, with experience, you are the superhero with more sophisticated weapons.

Most importantly, internships have got your CV’s back. They prevent the latter from going to the trash. Being an intern gives you more chances to build associations with organization professionals which can be exceptionally advantageous in your prospect of success in the long run. As indicated by Timothy Butler, a teacher at Harvard Business School, “The biggest mistake that people make in networking is that people don’t do it.” Regardless of whether you need it or not, it’s in every case great to have a reinforcement plan. Life is erratic and a period may emerge when such networks may prove to be useful.

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