Importance of Internships

Internship is a period of work experience that any organization or company offers to graduate ,post graduate candidates for a limited time. They offer wide range of opportunities beyond the actual work for which the intern is hired for.It become a new way for graduates to come into career world.The advantages an internship provides to an intern are :-

1.Experiencing new environment- It provides you the first hand exposure of working in real world.As students have just stepped out of colleges they do not have enough experience how to deal with jobs and handle the worlkload so it can bw overwhelming if you are unable to adapt yourself .So it gives you opportunity to obtain real world experience and learn how multiple deapartment work in relation with each other.

2.Building new skills-All jobs require experience in certain skills .So it is important to build specific job skills required by desired role and then practice to get perfect in it.Simply,internship is a new way of trying career before commiting to a job.

3.Making contacts-Networking is crucial to get desired job.It gives you an opportunity to expand your contact list as an intern which can serve as source of recommendation and reference when you apply somewhere else.So interact with all and create positive relations and be sure to maintain them even after the internship is over.

4.Time management-Managing time ,Handling workload effectively ,Completion of task within thd given deadline ,particioation in meetings ,Researches are something that you can learn here better for future .

5.Building Resume-Resume is an extension of yourself. It fills your resume with relevant experience that any company wants.While adding information to your resume dig deep into experience and put out all the stellar information that makes you different from others .It is how you want others to percieve you.

6.Getting job-As an intern you are all time monitored by your seniors .So do your work with full dedication as if you do well,you can be hired by the company at the moment.

7.Perfect yourself-You can tune your communication skills, make yourself to work under pressure,lead on projects ,make decision,complete goals,collaborate compromise to facilitate group decisions.You can explore you interest.

8.College credits-Some internships also offer you credit to reduce your college hours to complete your degree.So now you do not need to sit like bore in class to just complete attendance .Just check whether your college accepts credit hours and you can devote fully to your internship.

9.Financial reasons-Its like cherry over the cake that some internships also provide you stipend to work .So if you are having a financial crisis you can do internship instead of part time or full time jobs as it will also help you gain experience. Some internships are unpaid too. but that does not mean they are not worth instead they offer more value than they can pay.So you should never miss such chances.

So its an all time benefit deal which not only pay you by money but also with skills and experience.Some students do not want to miss their college hours for internship .So summer can be ths best time for them to skip out their holiday fun and do something valuable this time that will also help them in future.

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