Internships: Below Minimum Wage Workers or Something Else?


Recently, I was talking to a friend about internships. She got an internship in Hyderabad at a rehab clinic. She was naturally really excited and of course I was too. But then the negatives came to my mind: you don’t get paid much, it’s not concrete, there’s a lot of work. Why would you want an internship? In India, you don’t use them in your academic life. What’s the point?

And as always, the reason? It helped in your professional life. Sure, throughout all your academic career, you have no way to use those internships to your advantage. But once you start looking for a job, you realize that well, you’ve already paved the way to getting your dream job.

Read on below to find out why internships are more than what meets the eye.

1. They help sharpen your soft skills.

Yes, internships might not pay or might even require you to pay but their main goal is to train you as well as give you experience in dealing with your technical skill but in the work environment. Your grades help you with your academic career, I agree. But to excel in your professional one, you need more than just a 9.8 GPA. You need to be able to work in a tea; work with deadlines; and make sure you know how to plan your personal and professional life accordingly as emergencies pop up. That is what internships do. They help develop these soft skills and help you figure out how a professional workplace is like. Giving you the edge over your competitors, internships are helpful even for entry level jobs whose recruiters look for experience even there.

2. They increase your marketability.

However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say one of the main reasons students even apply to internships is because it increases your marketability and packs up your resume. Internships lead to better internships and even job offers. Besides, when you apply to a job, the first thing that stands out is that you’ve already got prior job experience in the form of an internship. Recruiters will definitely take at least one look at your resume.

3. They help you figure out what works for you.

This leads to you figuring out what type of jobs you would like and what you wouldn’t. Let’s be honest, the salary might look great on paper and the benefits might be crazy but if the workload is too intense for you or if you just aren’t that equipped to bring your maximum potential into play- you might not like the job. A business graduate might just not like his internship and it’s great to figure this out ahead of time before you’re in an ill placed job.

4. They help you improve and get connections before you’re even hired for a job.

And as we speak of ahead of time, you can also gain professional feedback from your mentors and expand your professional network. You grow and perfect your skills using the critique given by your mentors, granted that you take it. As well as making connections with other interns; internships provide a way to connect with strangers professionally better than anything else.

Even if you say nothing, you can certainly learn from observation. Shadowing employees, sitting through meetings; typical internship tasks might seem as if they are devoid of actual technical skills but in reality, they give you so much more than just finishing up your daily duties.


So here you have it. Internships might be hard to balance with your personal and student life but if you have a chance, there’s a lot of good that can come out of taking it.

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