Internships:Why should one take up one

Success in the outcome of tireless hard work, and it has also been proven that a talent that has not been practised fades away little by little. Therefore, hard work is the predominant factor that leads to the path of glory.
Now, what is an internship? Internship is a temporary training that an individual takes up in an institution, company or organisation to gain personal experience for the long run. Internships add to the overall experience of an individual and acts as a catalyst for the outcome, that is a good job or a commendable position in life. Frankly, it is not for anybody who is sluggish or lethargic in his day-to-day life. You will have to meet deadlines, work tirelessly, adore and appreciate what you do, and be honest to your work. It may be tough at some point, but the fruit that you get at the end makes it up for everything.

We have understood that internships bring about experience. What exactly is this experience? Firstly, it flourishes and upgrades an individual with knowledge and skills. Every day of work is a new challenge and in the process one gets to know about so many recent happening, contemporary knowledge, and these new ventures everyday helps the individual to grow and blossom into an established human being. Secondly, internships help refine and enhance the working skills of an individual. Be it any course- writing, programming, hotel management, or any other field that the individual is interested in, working under the organisations boost not only work skills, but also personality skills. Interns gain immense confidence in the entire process of work. Interns learn managerial skills, that is, how to manage things, especially when there is multiple works at hand, and this proves to be quite helpful in the long run.

Internships can be paid or otherwise. The ones who aren’t quite well off take up paid internships to make both ends meet. They work extra sincerely and diligently to get their work done. However, the ones who take up an internship solely for the purpose of adding it to their personal achievements and to their Curriculum Vitae would do the job without any pay. For them, the certificate of internship is what matters the most. This certificate helps in the qualification process in several colleges and helps one stand out from the rest. It increases the chances of one being selected into the institution. An individual’s resume would look complete with an internship.

Apart from this, internships help revamp and give better structure to the personality of an individual. We discussed about the improvement in personal skills and managing multiple work at hand. With this comes time management- the essential need of the hour. Time management comes into play when there is multiple works to execute. One chalks out a routine and works religiously by it, for he knows that time is limited and in that stipulated time, he has to bring out the best possible outcome that he can. This will showcase his efficiency, calibre, speed and decision making.

When an individual in his youth in indulged into constructive pieces of work, he is more certain to attain what he wishes to in his life and he can easily surpass any obstacle that comes his way. The young minds are processed well in these internship courses and they are nurtured well to cater to the interests of themselves, as well as the organisation as a whole. Internships have their own set of advantages.

When one works under actual working conditions, or what we can call a job-environment, with so many counterparts, one realises where he or she stands in the crowd. Internships, thus, helps in self-assessment. One realises his or her own potential and also gets a fair idea of where he stands or she stands in the crowd and learns about what the level of competition is in the open world. One learns to stay grounded, tackle criticism, be patient and tolerant, and learn cooperation, which is the very essence of jobs today.

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