‘Engineering’, a word that fascinates everybody but the ones who are either currently pursuing it or are done pursuing it. It’s the result time of the year and Sharma ji has already warned his son of his 10th board results, “if you score above 90% you are surely going to Kota to prepare for IIT. ” Strange. In a country like ours , every second child’s  parent want him to get into an IIT but they are rarely even aware of the fact that  it’s actually the IIT-JEE exams that the students have to prepare for rigorously for two years and not the ‘ IIT’. The reason why I am highlighting and emphasizing on this point is that it proves that ‘in our country , engineering is not just  a career option, it is a trend or more appropriately the ‘herd mentality.’ Parents have stereotypes present somewhere at the back of their mind that their son’s  uncle’s  friend’s sister’s daughter has got  a job in Google after doing engineering , and thus engineering is all that my child must do to attain a successful career. However somewhere in a race of bringing their children up as someone’s copy , they might unknowingly end up killing their children’s original self-identity. Today lakhs of students in India are pursuing this so called ‘respectable course’ but just a handful of them turn their education into a beautiful career. For those who did not do so , it’s a mere certificate of degree that they would decorate their living room walls with. So is engineering actually not worth the efforts you put in to crack those ‘toughest exams’? Do all students pursuing engineering do it for the sake of a respectable degree? What makes engineering such a popular course? All these questions will be answered soon.

Let us first answer what engineering actually teaches you? Well well well if you think this course just teaches you to unfold some mysteries of science and mathematics perfectly blended together as it may seem to a perfect nerd in his high school, then I am sorry my friend but you may be highly mistaken. Engineering as a course might be limited to such definitions but what it brings along is ‘The Engineering Life’, and this is just so much more beyond the academics. One huge misconception that students must be cleared of is that ‘Engineering degree’ doesn’t guarantee  a secure and successful career , but what students learn through their experiences in engineering colleges and hostels and the how well use these experiences to build their personalities and turn themselves into rather smart workers than hard workers does. This is what engineering does. When I say it teaches you much more than just the academics I mean teaches you things like efficient ‘time management’, high levels of ‘ pressure handling’, ‘the art of multitasking’ , very handy throughout the life ‘the social skills’ and what not!

Doesn’t the fact that an  engineering student on an average has around 30-40 exams (excluding their assignments ) per semester i.e approximately 4 to  5 months long , a proof enough to justify that if a student is really not pursuing engineering just for the sake of a degree , he would definitely find a better way for studying for his exams than just rote learning. Thus , he’ll now start adapting smart learning. Mostly in renowned private institutes and few other government institutes, regular fests, events , club and society activities are common. Frequent hangouts with friends , partying hard, managing daily chores  , etc. too are a routine. Then how in the world do students manage their grades along with such a lifestyle ? This is what smart people learn out of engineering life. They learn to start and finish their syllabus in a night right before the exam day. They learn to take up pressure as they discover further that it’s just a second name for engineering courses. They learn to interact with hundreds of different people with distinct attitude and maybe several peculiarities. Not just that , they learn to acknowledge and appreciate people. All this just does not add to their professional skills but personal skills too.

So now answering the question if engineering is actually  worth the efforts you put in to crack those ‘toughest exams’? Maybe ‘no’ if you are not bold enough to take up the challenges the engineering life throws at you and responsibly turn them into lessons for personal development. But definitely ‘yes’, if you don’t aspire to become Chatur but Rancho from ‘ 3 Idiots’! Afterall preparing for these exams too takes you through a phase that trains you to inculcate the skills of  knitting together the fibers of smart and hard work into the fabric of your preparation for exams.

However, one must not forget to enjoy his college life amidst all these responsibilities as it is once in a lifetime experience ! So this was my brief outlook about engineering life. What is yours!?

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