Job opportunities in IT companies in India

In India IT Sector is growing day by day in a massive number for these why there need for a job candidate is also growing. But let me talk about some interesting fact about the IT sector and students who are pursuing engineering.

In a recent survey, we get to know that after China, India is the 2nd highest country in terms of producing engineer each day. But in terms of producing good engineers, India and China are also not in the top 10 countries in the whole world. Countries like Iran and Japan is also inside the top 10 list.

A recent study also proved that almost 70% of Indian Engineers also can’t able to get good jobs as they want. Only 30% of engineers able to get good jobs as per their qualifications. 

For job opportunities in IT companies in India, the Indian Institute of Technologies also played a major role. Because as we all know IITs are producing best engineers in IT as well as other trades. But they are offering their students job for foreign companies.  For this lots of good engineers leaving our country for good salary package and for good opportunities.

That’s why the need for engineers in our IT companies growing day by day. But they can’t able to hire good engineers as per their needs.  Although they recruit lots of IT engineers every year. But the need for good engineers still remains empty.

For the last couple of years, Indian IT giants like TCS and Wipro started to hire engineers without the core IT background. Like TCS and Wipro hiring Civil and Mechanical Engineers for their IT jobs.

But If you are a good student of engineering in IT, you will get a job surely if you have good knowledge of your engineering education. But if you are not a good engineer then it might become difficult for you to get a good job of your choice.

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