Life in engineering

As far as engineering is concerned, it is completely theoretical and technical too. Studying various theories related to different fields and getting used to recent advancements and technologies in various areas. Keeping in mind the today’s need of industries and companies students prepare to get eligible for a job and some prepare for higher studies in their respective area being more specific to their field.

But as we are talking here of engineering life, it is far different from just doing engineering. A wide exposure to outer world, it seems as you were earlier in a well and now the complete sea is in front of you. This doesn’t only happen in engineering but also in other colleges but in government ones the opportunities are more and in engineering colleges exposure to machines, technologies, possible developments in them and mostly the research opportunities also. Frustration, break-ups, ragging (to some extent) , parties, technical, cultural and sports fests, workshops, seminars all these take a major time of one’s life and the person is left with few days to prepare for exams and their career. yes one of the major things that one starts thinking is about their career, for which they get many opportunities and ideas on which we keep exploring, that is what differentiates engineering life from a normal college life.

Starting with first year, it is spent exploring the campus and environment of the college, parties, a little-bit of ragging, inductions, seminars and workshops and knowing more about why I am actually in engineering college and what things are to be explored. It’s also a phase of having boy-friends and girl-friends and someone whom you can treat as your inspiration.

And now comes the second year at the starting of which you must be pretty sure of what you are good at and must get aware of your strengths and weaknesses and then we start working on them. We try to develop more focus on our career related activities. And the first year completely changes into a youth taking more and more responsibilities both of life, family and college. It’s time when we think of companies and internships and try to explore the world outside the college.

The third year is a crucial phase where our every decision matters and we become more serious regarding internships and placements andstart preparing for aptitude and try to excel on our communication skills and do various industrial and non industrial training and courses that help in our placements.

As the final year starts companies start coming for our placements. So preparation for interviews, group-discussions is on fire along with the load of doing projects and studies along with the preparation of competitive exams like GATE, BARC and many more related to what one is interested on. And finally after getting placed we are relieved and the teasing of friends continues through parties, belts and those who don’t get placed still are on duty.

But throughout this journey whatever the tasks are or the pressure is most of the college responsibilities are handled still by third year and fourth-year students and still we come up with flying colors. That’s what engineering life is: handling frustrations, pressures, time-management along with our career.

:-By Aniket Kunal

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