REALly ENGineering???

Have you guys ever wondered why there are these many engineering colleges. People started taking up engineering as a career choice looking upon the number of engineering colleges around them like we order our favourite biriyani in a hotel irrespective of many other food varieties available.

By seeing the outer world riches in the engineering field there is a mass suicide attempt every year happening in our nation.

The professional institutes which are responsible to produce professional engineers are now producing English translators in name of having excellency in communication skills which is important but a devoid from the actual stream.

Nowadays a B.E/B.Tech degree has become common among our society but the quest for a quality engineer is never ending.

It is the responsibility of engineers to guide our juniors to a good career path. The count of REAL ENGINEERS will increase when the choice factor is based on a skill sets of a student then the current trend of the society.

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