Start-ups are the current trend in today’s world. The increasing requirement for the major sources of a man like
1. Food,
2. Water,
3. Shelter and
4. Transportation
paves the way for the progressive youngsters who want to change the current scenario by converting their ideas into the so-called start-ups.

In India, the people are encouraged to kick start their start-ups by the government through many attractive schemes called a start-up India scheme. It was founded by the Hon’ble Prime minister Shri.Narendra Modi for the sake of people who are willing to create a start-up. This would play a key role in India’s economic growth as well as the employment rate. Generally, a start-up can be defined as the one which has turnover which does not exceed 25 Crore in any of the financial years starting from the date of registration to five years.
A start-up should be the one which works towards
1. Employment
2. Innovation and 
3. Development

Highly skilled and multi-talented youths of the country will gain their individuality and will be able to generate new jobs for the future India.

Thus the campaign START-UP INDIA STAND-UP INDIA is a boon for the energetic society of India also for the budding entrepreneurs who were rejected by corporate banks.

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