We provide support in building your startup

 We provide you with everything needed in your journey to pinnacle.

Team Buiding support :- The first thing you need to start your jouney big is a great team. We are hiring great people for you who have been trained and worked under our banner

Technical support :- If tech is not your core, outsource it to us. We will provide you a dedicated tech team.

Mentoring :- mentoring is the key to success and we will connect you to the experts of your field.

Got an Idea, Connect with us for great opportunities

- Register your idea with us.
- You will get your pitching slot via mail.
- Pitch your idea offline or online.
- Best ideas will get complete software solutions for free.
- All those which are not selected will get a discount of 40-60% on software support.

Don't be a job seeker, be a job creator!

Entrepreneurship is an attitude, if you have got the attitude you can be a part of our in-house startups.

For being an entrepreneur you don't necessarily need to have an idea or startup. Only attitutde, passion and dedication is good enough to start with. Here we have listed some of our initial stage in-house startups, apply to be a part of that team to which you feel the most connected to.

In-house startups you can be a part of :-

Personal Chef

As a personal chef, you will spend your days cooking for people who do not have the time to do so themselves but do have the money to pay someone to do it for them.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, offer meal plans that suit various dietary requirements, such as:
Gluten-free, lactose-free, or egg-free meals,Vegan and vegetarian dishes,meals for those with diseases. ​

Glamour photography

Undoubtedly, every male and female wants to appear glamorous. Glamorous pictures are used for several purposes: To apply for jobs as models, actors and actresses, cabin crew with airlines, matrimony and many more. For those with an eye for photography, taking glamorous pictures is a great business to open with small investment.You will have to buy a professional camera and related equipment. Taking pictures can be done at the residence of the customer or at public places. Alternatively, you can hire a studio, if needed.

And Many more coming soon!!!

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