The Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship is all about your start-up, establishing it, running it, and managing it. This course uses the  ”lean business platform” and the theory behind the “Lean Start-up” concept to give students the essential knowledge needed to either start their own business or join a start-up. Students will get hands-on skills, they can use in any start-up or to start their own business. Every student will practice these skills in-class by building a real start-up business based on their own idea. The course will also cover traditional new venture development and the entrepreneurial process (problem identification, innovation, business plans, fund raising and launching). In addition, the essential knowledge derived from entrepreneurship research covering proven keys to success, as well as scientific research about what it takes as an individual and a group to succeed in entrepreneurship will be included.

Learning outcomes

Learn useful basics of problem identification, idea formation & brainstorming, idea validation, risk assessment, launching, pricing and crowdfunding.

Gain the latest knowledge from scientific research about startups, including definition of entrepreneurship and more.

Learn about team creation and team dynamics.

Gain practical skills and experience starting a real business based on your own ideas.

Gain practical skills and experience in lean business platform.

Presenting your startup to a panel of investors.


Date & Time

1st October 2019

Course Fee

₹5000 - ₹7000​ (All Inclusive)​

Each session gets fruitful with backed session of live projects along with few other mini projects. Students are also encouraged to work on their own desired projects.

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