The client had a very relevant, ambitious research study on infants and kids up to the age of five. Post funding, planned hiring of resources was done. The client’s team worked towards developing a new technology for the Indian Rural Health System.

The planned launch was only couple of months away, when the project team realized the challenges of developing an IT system for a one-time research study. There was minimal IT infrastructure in place and more than half of its budget was consumed till date. At this stage, the client was in no position to launch the project on time or within the budget limits.


ABC Solutions (Name changed) was referred to the client. In the very first meeting, we understood the project’s concept, needs and requirements for technology development. In the same meeting, we highlighted the concerns of the project including operational and IT. It was a very broad project with complex ideas and functionalities.  A lot had to be done with the resources and time left.

In our next conversation, our advisory team and the client worked towards prioritizing objectives for the project. Post prioritization, our team configured the ABC platform for the most important functionalities.  Priority #1 was deployed within 48 hours. Following this, within the next 72 hours, priority #2 was configured by our team on the same Research platform. This gave the client a huge head start. Collectively, this presented the team an unthinkable opportunity to test the fully integrated solution within two weeks.

By the next meeting, we defined the revised scope, the IT solution and operational implementation plan for the project. Within just two weeks, we received a go-ahead from the client to launch three parallel but interrelated work streams. They included Intervention #1, Intervention #2 and Control Group.

THE SOLUTION – ABC Research Platform
An integrated web and mobile platform was launched for the project team to cover the three work streams. Each of the two interventions was planned for eight different villages.
A much needed management reporting layer was configured in our ABC Research platform (a standard feature for all the research projects) for the project team’s supervisors and leadership. Within a month’s time (from our first meeting), the team was able to initiate the testing of the ABC Research platform configured for their project needs with revised scope- covering three work streams instead of originally planned one work stream.
The client’s team will be able to launch their IT platform with no extra budget allocation, as per their original timeline.


  • No additional budget allocation for IT
  • ZERO days of delay for launching IT Solution
  • Client was able to launch three parallel work streams instead of one, with the same timeline and budget.
  • Much improved probability of success with the collaboration of our advisory team.

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